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I\'m really glad I found this small nikon online store. The website is awasome, well made, easy to use and estetically pleasing. The iteams I bought are excellent both cosmetically and mechanically. The shipping was extremely fast and the package really well made. The owner of the store is very professional and kind.


Author: Edoardo F.

Review date 17.03.2018


Highly recommended and would definitely buy from Nikon Classics again. Love browsing the excellent photos. Just a shame there are not more cameras and lenses to view.


Author: Mark C.

Review date 16.03.2018


Nothing more than perfect , sure I will buy you other parts.


Author: AUTREAU F.

Review date 02.03.2018


I am impressed with an excellent service and quality of products provided by the shop. It was my third purchase and - I suppose - not the last one. I recommend the shop to all Nikon fans.


Author: Wojciech S.

Review date 23.01.2018


Great Shop. Professional and reliable.


Author: Guest

Review date 18.07.2017


I ordered a black Nikon FM2n:
Flawless condition, absolutely identical to the website\'s photos & description;
Good and fair deal too,
I will be ordering more stuff in the future ...
More than happy about my purchase! Highly recommended!


Author: Jerome M.

Review date 13.03.2017


Everything OK. Thank you very much.


Author: David

Review date 03.11.2016


Die Kamera hat einen Traumzustand.
Und auch die Infos rund um das Nikon-System sind top.


Author: Guest

Review date 12.10.2016


Thanks, everything is OK.


Author: Daniel M.

Review date 17.07.2016


Great seller


Author: Claudio S.

Review date 08.06.2016


Great shop. Product as described and quick delivery.


Author: Sander E.

Review date 24.05.2016

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